Here one can order and pay for you own special illustrations from Knave EM!

Or you can just donate your hard-earned cash to a starving cartoonist :)

Commissions are currently OPEN. I'm only going to take commissions for full page drawings right now. No comic style pages with frames and such.

This! commission yes - - - NOT this commission no

Black & White with two characters starts at $50. Full color with two characters starts at $100.

For every additional character past two (2) is an extra $20.

I'm asking that you pay for the commission right away since I had to deal with a lot of flakes last time I did this. I don't blame anyone, it's hard to commit to spending a lot of money right away, but ask anyone who has commissioned me and you'll find they had a great experience, I guarantee it. I work really hard to make sure you get a drawing you absolutely love. I do have to stipulate and emphasize that All Sales Are Final. I can't spend a lot of time on redraws and edits, but I do send you a rough draft before the final to make sure I am on the right track.

So, it's time to fill out the form! Make sure you use a valid e-mail address. Be as descriptive as you can in the big text box. Mention if it's Black and White or Color. You're gonna have to do the math - for example, two B&W illustrations with less than 3 characters each would be $100. I can't accept payments higher than $120 with this current system, so Full Color pictures with more than Three (3) characters will require multiple payments. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at knavebb (at) hotmail and I can help. Thank you so much!


Current Commissions

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