Here are the entries for 2016's story contest!

This was incredibly difficult to decide. All the stories were so good. I spent many a bathroom break at work reading them and weighing which was my favorite. There were so many close calls, so many great moments in each one. But, as with all contests I had to make a final decision. I made up my mind based on the story I kept returning to at night when I needed relief from a stressful day.

Since everyone did so great, every runner-up will get a personalized drawing (no comic panels please) to thank them for their amazing craft and their awesome gift to sock-based literature.

Without further ado, the winner is...

Story #1 - Desperate For Ratings by Laird

Laird gets a lifetime membership to all my websites, including the Patreon free-of-charge, as well as either One 12-page, full-color comic, Two 6-page, full-color comics, OR Three 4-page, full-color comics!

Like I said, all the stories were amazing, I'm sure you will all agree!

Story #2 - K & L: The Twin Gymnasts by Mahal

Story #3 - Masquerade Balls by JB

Story #4 - Gaia Fertility by Jim

Story #5 - A Monster Under Her Bed by Jonoffen

Story #6 - Matt and Lynn's Week by Matt

Story #7 - My Best Orgasm by SmackMyNuts

Story #8 - Diana and Chris by Nicholas

Story #9 - Playing For Keeps by Saga

Story #10 - Busting My Stalker by Malicia Paine


You are all amazing authors and I can't say how difficult this decision was. In the end I left it up to my raw, unencumbered libido. You are all awesome! e-mail me what you would like me to draw and I'll get to it!


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