Cartoon Girl Squeezing Balls
Cartoon Girl Teasing a Cock
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girls hurting boy's balls and teasing their cocks!
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Commissions are currently OPEN!

I'm currently only taking commissions for full page drawings right now. No comic style pages with frames and such.

This is an example of a good commission, not this.

Black & White with two characters starts at $50.

Full color with two characters starts at $100.

• For every additional character past two (2) is an extra $20.

I'm asking that you pay for the commission right away. I work really hard to make sure you get a drawing you absolutely love. I do have to stipulate and emphasize that All Sales Are Final. I always send a rough draft before the final to make sure I am on the right track.

So, contact me and we'll get your drawing done just the way you like!

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